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Here at Fougere Accounts, we take pride in our relationships with our clients. We too are locally owned small business owners, so we understand that the success of your business is important for the community that we live in. We are set apart from other accounting firms in that we understand that life can throw you some curve balls that can sometimes affect your business, and our priority is to make you feel confident that we will get you back on the right track. Instead of finishing your work and sending you on your way, we make sure to explain to you what we have done to get everything in order, and show you what steps to take to maintain efficient bookkeeping from here forward. We have a team of dedicated accountants and bookkeepers, as well as helpful and friendly receptionists who altogether create a positive experience for you from drop-off to pick-up making your bookkeeping a breeze.

Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada
  • Customer Satisfaction 94%
  • Productivity 95%
  • Savings 80%
Lucinda Fougere

Lucinda Fougere

CEO, Founder

Lucinda Fougere relocated Fougere Accounts in 2007 from Nova Scotia, running a local bookkeeping business out of her home with over 20 years of accounting experience while juggling the lives of her four children and every activity that came along with them has been an ever exciting adventure. As time progressed, Lucinda’s business began to expand into a tri-level office downtown in the heart of Fort McMurray; and so did her heartfelt incapacity to say no to not only her kids but her growing client basis as well. Lucinda’s specialty and now also the Fougere Accounts team, is to see you through to an cataloged mass of paperwork no matter how many years behind you are on your filing. Whether you are a brand new company owner, sole proprietor, corporation holder, or somewhere in between, Fougere Accounts is here for you!